House rule

  1. Entering the exhibition is only allowed with a validated ticket. The ticket is valid for one-time entry. We do not refund or exchange any tickets (including online tickets)
  2. Weekday tickets are valid from Monday to Friday. Weekend tickets are valid for Saturday and Sunday. On weekends the Exhibition can’t be visited with a weekday ticket.
  3. No photos or videos taking in the exhibition area.
  4. Please do not touch the exhibits and do not cross the safety line.
  5. Wearing backpacks in the exhibition area is forbidden. Please hold your bag and bigger coats in your hand.
  6. Bringing any bottles, food, drink, toys, sharp objects or any item that could endanger the safety of our staff members or the art pieces are forbidden.
  7. It is forbidden to enter the exhibition with pets, vehicles (such as scooters, bicycles etc.), weapons or any items that look like them and any other dangerous items (for health and safety).
  8. We do not assume any responsibility for lost items or valuables.
  9. Please mind your valuables in the exhibition area as we do not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by visitors’ unattended items.
  10. Causing any damage to items belonging to the exhibition must be paid for.
  11. It is prohibited to enter the exhibition area under the influence of alcohol or other drugs even with a valid ticket. Our staff members may instruct such persons to leave. In case of resistance, the police could get involved.
  12. In case of any emergency (bomb alert, fire, catastrophe) you must follow the instructions of our staff members and the safety guidelines.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the whole exhibition space. Smoking is allowed only in the designated area.
  14. Any photography or videography taken in the area of the exhibition is the property of the exhibitor, although it can be used freely for personal use. Visitors accept that the exhibitor and the company can not be held responsible for financial benefits.
  15. Any commercial activity is forbidden in the area of the exhibition without the exhibitors’ written permission.
  16. Taking the exhibition’s pieces will lead to criminal procedures.
  17. Usage of the elevator is only for disabled visitors and baby carriages. Ask for use and help from our staff members in the ticket office.
  18. Thank you for observing our rules for the perfect exhibition experience.